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You’ll learn the framework for how to boost your metabolism and why each component of the 5-Day challenge is important!

Metabolic Boost

Each day you’ll complete your daily “Action List” of metabolic-boosting activities. Use your new worksheets to track your success.

Detox Recipes

When you shift your lifestyle to boost your metabolism... you’ll feel more energized, focused, and ALIVE!

Facebook Community

24/7 support from our community & coaches to the guild and inspire you to the next level

Fat Burning Workouts

Enhance your metabolism with fat burning workouts that will continue to burn calories beyond the time you spend exercising


Find out what special bonus awaits you as you complete the 5-day Metabolic Detox.


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Patrick Liu

Founder of Perform and Transform Weight loss, Online Coach, Personal Training Nutrition Coach and a highly sought-after weight loss expert. After years of feeling discouraged, ashamed and hopeless with his body image and confidence. Through Perform and Transform, Patrick is on a mission to help people just like himself gain confidence, build back their self-esteem and lose weight quickly and sustainably through fitness, nutrition and accountability. Patrick and his wife Dana live in Vancouver, Canada with their son Lorenzo.

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